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UKids - Presidents Circle Withdrawal Form

Please note, a thirty day notice is required when withdrawing your child from care.  Please allow 2 business day for your notice to be received and an official confirmation of withdrawal to be sent to the email provided on this form. 

Withdrawal Due to Financial Difficulty

If you are withdrawing due to financial difficulty, we ask that you please consider contacting the Center for Child Care and Family Resources (CCFR) office before submitting this form. There are options available for families with extenuating circumstances and the CCFR office may be able to assist you.

Contact Information

Withdrawal Information


Terms of Withdrawal

I understand that I am required to pay tuition to UKids – Presidents Circle equivalent to two weeks from receipt of this notice or through the last day of enrollment, whichever is greater.

I understand that any balance owed on my account must be reconciled with the center prior to my child’s last day and any questions I have regarding my ledger should be addressed with the center administration. Failure to reconcile any balance owed may result in my account being sent to collections, as noted in my service agreement.

I understand that upon receipt of this withdrawal notice my child’s disenrollment process will begin and that I will have a 2 business day grace period from the date my withdrawal is confirmed to change the last day of care. After this grace period a new application and fee must be submitted should I wish to re-enroll my child and he or she will be placed back on the waitlist only when both the application and fee are received.


Last Updated: 9/8/22